Credit card harsh words and letters

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I already spoke to a lawyer about civil rehabilitation and one of the credit card company threaten me that they will persecute and they keep sending letters to and its stressing me out and when i am talking to them they are very harsh. My lawyer called them already but yesterday i received a letter from them that indicating because i am not communicating with them they will transfer my debt to debt collection agency which is not true that i didnt communicate with and my lawyer too. It was stressing situation and causing me depression. Please advice. Thank you

I’m not sure which stage you are in of private civil rehabilitation.
But after your lawyer send intervention notification to each creditor, they shouldn't get in touch with you directly.
So you need to check it again to your lawyer who you delegated.

And usually, you can’t stop creditors transfer their receivables for recovery of their credits after you are in with debts exceeding the assets.

I think it’s the best remedy for your situation that you promote your procedure of private civil rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Try to work with your lawyer well.

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